West Facing Office Desk Is Good Or Bad

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Good luck and good energies always come from these. Shiva om dear friend the main four cardinal directions namely the north south east and the west have been divided into two categories.

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While you have options for improving the feng shui of a home office in a commercial office setting it can be more difficult.

West facing office desk is good or bad. On suuth east corner. My desk is kind of li u shaped with two long lines one in front of me and another at the back. Vastu experts can also be contacted if you want to make sure that your office is constructed as per the vastu principles.

My office is in basement of my house is south facing main door good for office or east facing door office table in north east corner facing south is good for officer. So if i sit on the desk facing my laptop i am also facing south west. It is believed t.

Similarly when you sit facing the wall it symbolise obstacles. My showroom is south west facing. The office building facing the north northeast northwest or northeast is said to be very prosperous.

Chairs in the reception area or office lounge should be placed towards the south or the west wall. So i sit in between the parallel lines and the small line or bottom of the u is on my right side attached to a wall. You can also reposition your office desk the direction you face while working and even change the placement of your favorite reading chair.

Next best is facing north. With the lucky feng shui directions in mind you can rearrange your bedroom to see if you can sleep facing one of your best directions the direction the crown of your head is facing. In which direction we have to sit for success ahead.

Just like a big wall right infront of the main door is bad. The north and the east direction are considered to be the positive charging directions. These directions are very auspicious.

Desks or workstations are often locked into place so that you may find yourself facing a wall a position that is inherently bad for energy flow or facing in a direction that is contrary to good feng shui. South and west are considered unfavourable and should be avoided where possible. In order to construct west facing offices there are some very important principles that you need to keep in mind.

If you are struggling at work with concentration focus decision making or any other mental functions or it s a relatively easy thing to change your home or work station desks orientation change it so that you are facing. Office desk facing a wall is a symbol of facing obstacles. My office desk is south west facing.

For multi storied complexes the chamber of general manager and visitors lounge should be on the lowest floor. The northeastern direction is best for reception and the receptionist must be facing the north or east. Is south facing office table is good.

If you have no choice then place a beautiful picture of open and low area like a beautiful garden or bed of flowers. You need to first select a good plot that can offer you all the important principles that you need. You shouldnot have a beam above.

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