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Jan 20, 2020 – Tips and tricks to make your dorm room the place to be. Rather than limiting yourself to simple outfits all semester, use smart storage solutions to maximize every square inch of available space.

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Dorm closet organization tips. Pins & re-pins do not equal the endorsement of any product. When I moved into my dorm room I was freaking out about how I was going to fit all my clothes into that closet. Only bring what you need for each season, with the exception of a few items in case there is some overlap before you can return home to switch things out.

There are really simple little things you can do to a kids closet to help it look, feel and function better for you and your family. Use soda tabs to double up hangers in those tiny dorm room closets. Like the side of your desk or closet door, and make the most out of your tiny space..

Pack for the Seasons. This post shows you 16 ideas for college. Want awesome DIY tips in your inbox three times a week?

For anyone in college you can probably relate. Apartment Decoration Dorm Decorations Dorm Life College Life Funny College College Ready College Hacks School Life College Packing.. Add shelves above or below your fridge to store your microwave, Keurig and snack items.

With no hall closet, maybe a dorm dresser, and one smaller than expected college closet, you'll need a host of dorm room supplies designed for maximizing the small space in your university dorm closet. Tips for Decorating Your Dorm: Over The Fridge Shelving

If you love jewelry, you’ve probably got it stashed in a variety of boxes. Small dorm rooms usually have limited closet space, which makes it hard to bring your whole wardrobe. You can interchange the drawers when the seasons change, and you no longer need those bikinis.

Fortunately, getting all of your college things in your dorm closet is possible with the right dorm products to assist. I went from a walk-in closet at home to a closet the size of a shoebox!! Having these bins was a life-saver for me.

The biggest key to small-space living is simple: They stored so many random things that I didn't have room other places like food, tampons, extra towels, purses, etc. If you're looking for a great graduation gift for a college-bound student, our Classic White Hangers 24 Pack are a great option.

The closet space in a typical college dorm is often less than generous. Get crafty with curtains to maximize your closet space or give yourself a little privacy #savespace #dorm #decor How To Share Clothes – College Roommate Tips Here are the top dos and don'ts for sharing clothes with your college roommate. Dorm rooms are tiny, and everyone usually tries to fit a lot more stuff in their dorm room than they should.

However, if you want to add more items to your closet, you can maximize your living space by purchasing multi-use.

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