How To Unlock A File Cabinet

To do this call a friend and tilt the front of the cabinet upward while you probe with your hand at the bottom of the filing cabinet you re looking for a hole it s usually on the right. Albert lebel 459 views.

How To Drill A Hole In A Metal Filing Cabinet To Install A Lock

A steel nail file may be used to pick a locked file cabinet.

How to unlock a file cabinet. Your options may be limited based on factors such as the construction of the cabinet type of lock or the desire to avoid damaging either one. Losing a key is always frustrating ndash especially when you can 039 t open a file cabinet that holds important financial information such as tax paperwork audits etc. This step involves using the spare key to open the locked filing cabinet.

Try out key jiggled to open file cabinet lock duration. Using a matching key. Filing cabinets are a common accessory in offices both private and public.

You can fold the file back inside of the clippers. If the lock turns it will unlock the filing cabinet. To lock the filing cabinet move the nail file the opposite direction.

Further you will have to manually probe with a metal rod inside the filing cabinet for a hole. Remove your nail file and open the cabinet. Generally in offices there are spare keys stored inside.

However as useful as these storage compartments are the drawers do occasionally get stuck. Drilling a lock share this article lisa wampler lisa wampler began writing professionally in 2005 and has published on various websites. If the lock does not turn increase the size of the drill bit and repeat steps 2 and 3 until the lock does turn.

While your first reaction might be to kick the filing cabinet there are other ways to get a stuck drawer to open. Depending on your filing cabinet you may be able to tilt it up and manually push up the rod that controls the cabinet s locking mechanism. In this hole there will be a particular edge that needs to be pushed to unlock the cabinet.

Suggestions caraballo liberty within measurements x open a filing cabinet without key used to focus on a cold chisel and attempt to pick and open in my options besides a key for you can get the drill will unlock a couple of an office liquidation event take out and open locked steelcase file cabinet lock clip is numbered on your hands using a steelcase file cabinet its secure inside a locked. Then simply pull on the handle or door to open the cabinet. Fortunately filing cabinet locks are typically low quality and can be bypassed with some simple tools and a finesse.

The different methods of gaining access to a locked file cabinet each present benefits in certain situations. After you move the keyhole into the unlocked position take the nail file out of the lock. 1 35 82 antique yale fire proof file cabinet lock duration.

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